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Scroll down to see what the text says.
Copy of some additional information on the back of the Honorable Discharge.  Scroll down to see what the text says.






This copy of additional information on the the honorable discharge says:



"Enlisted as [an]: AS on 3 Aug. 1942
At: Washington, D.C. for FOUR(4) years.
Born: 6 December 1923 at Washington, D.C.
5 Ratings held: AS, F3c, F2c, EM3c, EM2c

Service (vessels and stations served on) or (served satisfactorily on active duty from:
3 August 1942 to 18 September 1945):
NRS, Washington, D.C.; NTS NOB Norfolk, VA; NTSch Purdue, Lafayette, Ind.; RS, NOB Norfolk, VA; USS Maddox; RS, NS, New Orleans, LA; RS, Orange, Texas; USS Wm. D. Porter; RS, San Francisco, Calif; RS, NYd, Washington, D.C....
Rating at discharge: EM2c
Character of service excellent. Final average 3.7

Height: 5 ft. 7 in. Weight: 154 lbs. Eyes: Brown
Hair: D.Brown Complexion: Ruddy
Personal marks, etc., Anterior: PS rt.Patella reg.; Tat(Dagger) rt.upper arm; Posterior: Tat(Mother)rt.forearm.

Monthly rate of pay when discharged Ninety-six Dollars ($96.00)
I hereby certify that the within named man has been furnished travel allowance at the rate of -- cents per mile from Discharged at place of enlistment and paid $49.76 in full to date of discharge.
Total net service for pay purposes: 3 years 1 months 16 days."

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